Best Bollywood Movies 2019

1.Gully Boy

Genre : Drama, Music

Language : Hindi

Stars : Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin

It stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, and features Kalki Koechlin, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Vijay Raaz in supporting roles. Inspired by the lives of Indian street rappers Divine and Naezy, the film may be a coming-of-age story about an aspiring street rapper from the Dharavi slums of Mumbai.

Principal photography for Gully Boy began in January 2018 and bound up in April 2018. it had been premiered at the Berlin International festival on 9 February 2019 and released on 15 February 2019 to positive reviews from critics. With a worldwide gross of over ₹238 crore ($37 million), it emerged because the seventh-highest-grossing Hindi film of the year. it had been selected because the Indian entry for the simplest International feature at the 92nd Academy Awards, but it had been not nominated. Gully Boy won a record 13 Filmfare Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Singh) and Best Actress (Bhatt), and have become the second film to win all four acting awards, 21 years after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)
Murad Ahmed (Ranveer Singh), a final year university student , lives within the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. His abusive father Aftab Shakir Ahmed (Vijay Raaz) brings home a way younger second wife, much to the chagrin of the family. Murad nurtures a fascination for rap . His longtime and overtly possessive girlfriend Safeena Firdausi (Alia Bhatt) is training to be a surgeon and routinely meets him secretly .

Forced to figure part-time as a chauffeur after his father is injured, Murad starts to write down , together with his lyrics informed by the inequalities he observes while on the work . Making the acquaintance of local rapper Shrikant “MC Sher” Bhosle (Siddhant Chaturvedi) whom he saw performing in his college fest, he’s drawn into performing his lyrics at underground shows and rap battles and eventually uploading a video on YouTube.

Berklee university student Shweta “Sky” Mehta (Kalki Koechlin), an evolving musician, reaches bent Murad and Sher after seeing the video, offering to collaborate on a replacement song. The accompanying video, which is shot in Dharavi, rapidly becomes popular.

As a result, she is brought in by the police but isn’t arrested as Sky doesn’t press charges against her. Murad eventually breaks up with Safeena thanks to her possessive attitude. As Aftab’s violence towards him, his brother and his mother escalates, Murad decides to go away home together with his mother and brother and work full-time for his uncle Ateeq Khan (Vijay Maurya).

Later, when Sky expresses her romantic feelings for him, he declines her as he still loves Safeena and decides to reconcile together with her . Murad and Sher enter a contest to the finals after a successful rap battle. Murad’s confidence grows from interacting with rap fans’ appreciation of his performances, and he finally stands up to Aftab and Ateeq once they belittle his passion. He later gets back along side Safeena. He goes on to win the competition and becomes one among India’s top rappers. The film ends together with his friends, family and Safeena watching him happily as he begins his opening performance.

2.Article 15

Genre : Crime , Drama , Thriller , , , , ,

Stars : Ayushmann Khurrana, Isha Talwar, Manoj Pahwa

The film deals with Article 15 of the Constitution of India, which prohibits discrimination on grounds of faith , race, caste, sex or place of birth. While not supported one specific event, the film is inspired by multiple true life events including 2014 Badaun gang rape allegations and 2016 Una flogging incident. Principal photography began on 1 March 2019 in Lucknow. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Anurag Saikia, Piyush Shankar, Devin Parker and Gingger with lyrics written by Rashmi Virag, Shakeel Azmi, Slow Cheeta, Dee MC, Kaam Bhaari and SpitFire, and released under the banner Zee Music Company.

The film begins with a gaggle of villagers in Laalgaon engaged during a song while two Dalit girls are trapped during a bus by some men. Ayan Ranjan, a St. Stephen’s College, Delhi graduate and an Indian Police Service officer, is recently posted to Laalgaon because the Additional Superintendent of Police and is warmly welcomed by officers Brahmadutt Singh and Jatav. he’s introduced to the caste discrimination that exists therein village when he stops to shop for a bottle of water from an area shop to which a politician tells him that they’re not allowed to possess their water because the shop belongs to people belonging to a lower caste. He faces an identical situation at his welcome party where he’s given a fresh plate to eat while trying to eat from Jatav’s plate and relays this information to his girlfriend, Aditi.

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Ayan also meets his college friend Satyendra Rai, who seems very fidgety and uncomfortable around Ayan, though the latter claims they were close friends. The very next day, it’s shown that the 2 girls are hanged from a tree, while the third girl Pooja remains missing. Ayan orders Brahmadutt to file a FIR and to get the postmortem report for the deceased girls. Brahmadutt tells Dr. Awdhesh, a postmortem doctor, to fake the report saying that the women were too intimate and as a results of the shame, their fathers hung them. thanks to the absence of Dr. Awdhesh, his assistant Dr. Malti Ram does the postmortem for the bodies. During the autopsy of the bodies, she finds out that the women were gang raped, but is stopped and coaxed by Brahmadutt to not only delay the report but also to write down that the women were murdered and not raped in order that the case becomes that of honour killing. Meanwhile, Jatav and Mayank (Ayan’s PA) are threatened and their jeep is burned by men of Nishad, the leader of a political unit so as to urge speedy justice. On questioning Jatav, Ayan realises the gravity of things and decides to dig deeper during this case until the victims gets justice. Brahmadutt is furious with Jatav as he’s trying to shut the case at the earliest and persuades Ayan to try to to so also on the pretext that the case is fake . it’s only Gaura, the sister of 1 of the women , informs him that they wont to work for an area builder named Anshu Naharia and had recently asked for a rise in their salary by just Rs. 3 that the investigation gets more serious. Ayan decides to call Anshu for inquiry albeit Bhramadutt tries to influence him to not do so as Anshe is said to the CM, Ram Lal Naharia. During interrogation Anshu says that the women were slapped in order that the whole caste would be reminded of their status. When Ayan asks him what their status is, he replies, “Their status is what we give them”. This deeply disturbs Ayan as he gets to ascertain the loopholes behind the form of government He promptly decides to “un-mess” the mess and therefore the very next morning, he puts the Article 15 of the Indian Constitution on the billboard as a reminder to all or any the cops to first and foremost be Indians which any quite caste discrimination may be a criminal offence and continues to probe into the case.

Genre :
Ayan meets with Dr. Malti Ram and finds out that contrary to the report, the women were raped then murdered. He asks her to travel to Lucknow to look at the DNA samples and to contact only him, realizing the higher-ups are hand in glove with Anshu Naharia’s father, Ramlal Naharia. Meanwhile, Mahantji, a Brahmin by caste, has formed an alliance with the top of the Dalit community Shanti Prasad, which is opposed vehemently by Nishaad and he organizes a protest against this.
Language : Hindi
Stars : Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal, Yami Gautam

Ayan meets with Nishaad to request him to prevent the protest in order that they get more men to look for Pooja. Nishaad refuses, saying that Mahantji and Shanti Prasad do this for his or her own benefits. He says that the protests will continue but allows some men to travel so because the search to continue. Ayan gets a call from Dr. Malti who confirms that Anshu was the one who gang-raped and murdered the 2 girls. Ayan gets an bench warrant for Anshu and goes to his house to arrest him. Anshu, however, isn’t reception and is safe with Brahmadutt. Brahmadutt is revealed to be one of the rapists and so as to save lots of himself, kills Anshu.

Ayan, along side Jatav and other policemen, cross a dirty swamp so as to enter the jungle on the opposite side, where Pooja might be hiding. Meanwhile, Nishaad is arrested by the police and is removed during a van. This seems to be an encounter where he’s killed, to the chagrin of Gaura and Jatav, revealed to be a fellow Dalit.

3.URI-The Surgical strike

Action, Drama

Official Trailer: URI-The Surgical strike

The first chapter exposes with an ambush in June 2015 on the convoy of the Indian Army troops in Chandel, Manipur by NSCN(K) militants. Major Vihaan Singh Shergill (Vicky Kaushal), a Para SF officer and his unit including his brother-in-law Major Karan Kashyap (Mohit Raina) infiltrate and attack the Northeastern militants and also kill its key leader liable for the ambush. After a successful strike the Prime Minister of India (Rajit Kapur) congratulates him and therefore the whole unit at a proper dinner. Vihaan requests an early retirement as he wants to be close together with his mother, who is affected by Stage VI Alzheimer’s on which the Prime Minister offers him to a desk job at New Delhi near his mother rather than retirement to which he agrees.[15]

An Unsettling Peace (New Delhi)
The second chapter shows Vihaan taking a desk job at the Integrated Defence Staff HQ in New Delhi and him spending time together with his family. This segment also shows a quick description of the Pathankot attack. A nurse named Jasmine D’Almeida (Yami Gautam) is assigned to require care of Vihaan’s mother. Vihaan meets an Indian Air Force pilot named Flight Lieutenant Seerat Kaur (Kirti Kulhari) who is trying to prove her patriotism to her martyred husband who was a military officer who died in an ambush. One fine day his mother goes missing. He searches for her and he blames Jasmine for ignorance and tells Jasmine that there’s no need for her security. Vihaan’s mother is found under a bridge and Jasmine reveals herself as an secret agent . The film reveals a note of why the families of the Special Forces soldiers got security thanks to the threat from the North-eastern terrorists.

Bleed India with Thousand Cuts (Uri, Jammu and Kashmir)
Jammu and Kashmir at dawn, killing 19 soldiers in their sleep On 18 September 2016, The terrorists are killed but Karan dies in grenade explosion thanks to accidentally pulling the pin which was attached to the terrorist’s rifle, which he picked up to look at . the entire family becomes devastated including Vihaan. The Ministry decides to require strict action against the perpetrators of the attack. National Security Advisor Govind Bharadwaj (Paresh Rawal) suggests the thought of a strike . The Prime Minister gives it a go and provides ten days for the strike. Vihaan requests Chief of the military Staff General Arjun Singh Rajawat (Shishir Sharma) to count him within the operation to which he agrees. Vihaan chooses the elite Ghatak Force commandos from the Bihar Regiment and therefore the Dogra Regiment along side the Special Forces as most of the soldiers killed within the attack were from these regiments. Vihaan informs them that they’re not ready to use their phones, and disguises the mission as regular training exercises. The commandos begin their training.

Naya Hindustan (New India) (New Delhi)
During the design , Govind ropes in ISRO (for providing satellite images), DRDO (for drone surveillance) and RAW (for intelligence). When he goes to satisfy the DRDO Chief Brian D’Souza (Ivan Rodrigues), he chances to satisfy an intern named Ishaan who has developed a drone called Garuda which looks and is formed like an Eagle.[20] With the assistance of the drones and satellite images they’re ready to get the precise location of the hideouts and training camps of the terrorists. Jasmine reveals her true name as Pallavi Sharma to Vihaan and through an interrogation, the 2 are able extract information about who planned the attack. Govind also suggests to accentuate the artillery shelling at the border for distraction and also to color their assault helicopters with Pakistani Air Force markings. The commandos also start training under Vihaan. The Pakistani officials suspect the Indian activities but dismiss it thanks to underestimation.

The strike (Pakistan occupied Kashmir)
On the night of 28 September, the commandos leave for the strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) in Mi-17 helicopters. He and his team improvise by happening foot through a cave (which was very risky thanks to darkness and therefore the unknown presence of other terrorists). His team successfully infiltrate and kill all the terrorists on the 2 launchpads. Vihaan kills Idris and Jabbar, who are the perpetrators of the Uri attack. The local police are alerted and therefore the commandos who are low on ammunition and time escape. On their way back, they’re heavily rained down upon by gunfire from both a close-by machine gun bunker and a Pakistani Air Force Mi-17 Helicopter which was scrambled to intercept Vihaan’s team. Flight Lieutenant Seerat involves their rescue by firing back both at the Pakistani gunship thus driving it away and eliminating the machine gun bunker. His team successfully crosses LoC on the Indian side with no casualties. the remainder of the assigned teams also are successful and are back with no casualties. Vihaan lands at Hindon Air Force Station at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh . The film ends with him, Pallavi, Govind and therefore the commandos happily having a proper dinner with the Prime Minister.

In a post-credits scene, Zameer, a Pakistani minister wakes up and shouts in frustration while seeing the news of India’s successful strike and therefore the scene cuts to a title card reading “Jai Hind” (Victory to India).cuts to a title card reading”Jai Hind” (Victory to India).

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